proof-nyc2013Hello, thanks for stopping by, I hope I don’t bore you with my personal stuff.

In a nutshell, I am:[list icon=”check-b”]

  • obsessed with inbound marketing
  • in love with the feeling of closing deals
  • always looking forward to running and swimming
  • continually looking how I can stay locked in with the start-up community


My day job is running and growing my company  Slingshot, a cloud-based communications provider specializing with business VoIP and virtual PBX solutions for small and medium sized business.  It is a unique challenge and opportunity where the competition is coming from the convergence of all things (internet, hardware, voice and etc).

I will document my everyday thoughts and provide some insights on the trials and tribulations of gaining subscribers.


p.s. that’s me after finishing the NYC Marathon in 2013 – I look super stoked but minutes before, I didn’t think i would finish!

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