Lean Startup Machine – Toronto Spring 2013

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lean startup_book coverHave you or someone you know come up with the next million dollar idea?

Last weekend, myself and 50 other participants all came to the 3-day workshop thinking that we had the next big idea.  The Lean Startup Machine is based on the book by Eric Reis, and the tagline is:

Fail Fast. Succeed Faster.

The workshop takes you through the lean process of getting your idea to market fast.  The recurring theme throughout the weekend was:

Get out of the building

The meaning behind this was to quickly get out of the building and speak to anyone and everyone about your product and/or service.  Yes, your idea is great, your mother, uncle and even friends already claim that it is awesome.  But have you ever thought that maybe they were just being nice?  The key point is that you have no idea whether your idea will fly unless you get out of the building and talk to your prospective clients – strangers.

The two points that I walked away with over the weekend were:

  1. you don’t know anything, and…
  2. get out of the building to find out what you don’t know

I am still buzzing from the weekend long event. Meeting with industry and thought leaders, young entrepreneurs, corporate folks, all like-minded people who are ready to create a new start-up and world.

Two success stories, after 3 days, the winning team collected $3000 in revenue for their new service. And the runner-up team created so much buzz that they got interviewed by Toronto Sun and was posted later in the week.

With that, what are you waiting for?  GET OUT OF THE BUILDING!

LSMTO 2013 Team Icebreakers
LSMTO 2013 Team Icebreakers (me and my team)

2 thoughts on “Lean Startup Machine – Toronto Spring 2013

  1. Hey Edwin – Yes it was a terrific weekend, and we learned so much. As the winning team, Garden Connections is really buzzed. We even went up to Barrie this weekend to continue developing the “My Balcony in a Box” idea. Thanks to the work of a great team of developers, we now have an e-commerce website built and ready to populate with product. And we won again, for the second week in a row.
    Without a doubt, the energy of LSM is a fantastic boost and its a blast continuing to develop using the validation techniques we learned, and all the terrific advice from the mentors and judges.

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