My First Facebook Graph Search

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Ok, I have to admit it, but I like the new Facebook Graph Search.  As an entrepreneur and business developer, I am always looking to connect with certain decision makers and movers.

Tonight, I was looking for technical writers who I can connect and network with and get them to look at my startup Slingshot VoIP.  Like any netizen, you head to google and type in what you are looking for.  I typed in – “VoIP blogs”, filtered through the first couple of pages and found a handful of people.  I placed them in my spreadsheet with all the contact information I will use to connect with them.

During my moment of procrastination, I went to Facebook to peruse what was happening.  I noticed again that my interface has changed a bit.  Since adding the Graph Search, my search bar has taken over the majority of the top menu bar.

Facebook Graph Search

With that, I tried the unthinkable, I first tried, “Friends who are Writers”.  The search results came back with 3 people.  I dug down a bit more and wrote, “Friends of Friends who are writers” – BOOM, I got over 100 results returned.

Wow, as a Facebook user who removes his history quite a bit, the new Graph Search algorithm is working in my favor 🙂


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