Networking and the Power of Your Business Card

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It’s October 1st and we are officially in the last quarter of the year.  Whether you are sales professional or business owner, you are now looking at your numbers and projections to see if you are going to hit your yearly goal and/or quota.  Will you get that bonus or not.

If you are not already getting out of the office to network, now is the time to start.  I am not going to get into the benefits of networking as there are countless numbers of articles like this one.  Almost everyone you speak to will agree that networking is a great way to connect with potential clients and strategic partners.

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Lately, I have been networking quite a bit more than usual with Slingshot fully operational and gaining momentum.  We are at a point where marketing will start taking over and creating leads for us through the internet.  Having said that, I find it necessary for myself to get out there and network to meet new people, like minded individuals, and prospective clients and partners.

Having said that, it amazes me how many people go out there and hand out their business card like it’s a flyer.  Walking from one person to the next, asking the same question “so…. what do you do?”, provide their elevator pitch while handing out their business card.  Rinse and repeat.

I am not sure, and I can be alone on this.  I feel a business card should be treated as a contract.  If I am giving you my personal contact information to you, it is because you and I connected and wanted to take the conversation further at some other point in the future.  There is an expected next steps.

So the next time you are out networking and meeting new people.  Hold onto your card and only give it to someone who you will most likely meet in the next week or two!

Do you agree?

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