Digital Diary 96: Birthday Shout outs. Jade went swimming. Roads leading to Chicago.

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Birthday shout-outs to one of my best friends, Jody, aka Cousin Jody. He is celebrating his 20th birthday for the 20th time! So happy birthday, welcome to 20-20 club! Also celebrating her birthday is Starka, Betty’s grandmother who left us earlier this year, she would be 91.

Yesterday, Jade and Betty went to their first baby and diaper swim class. Sounded like fun, but also a workout for Betty. Lots of swimming. Glad to hear that Jade was having a great time and had her head dunked in the water. I wanted to do that in the bathtub, but a tad bit tentative.

It’s funny how the universe provides you with signs. I’ve mentioned that I was thinking about doing the Chicago Marathon a couple of weeks back and now, I hear “Chicago” come up in multiple conversations including yesterday with Matt and Jenny! Wondering if it’s a sign or a coincidence, What do you think, should I sign up?


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