Digital Diary 97: Burnt out. Dual citizenship. Santa Claus Parade.

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Been feeling burned out and exhausted lately as it’s been non-stop working, running, parenting, and etc since coming back from Slovakia in September.

Thinking of changing my schedule and calling evenings family time – a work-FREE time zone. Before being a parent, I had the extra time to work, but now, I don’t think it’s working out.

For those entrepreneur friends of mine who are new to parenting, are you still getting work done in the evenings?

It’s official, Jade is a dual citizen. We completed all the paperwork (and fees) to get her Republic of Slovak citizenship card. We felt it was our responsibility to position her in the best way possible for the future, whether she takes advantage or not is up to her now 🙂

We checked out the Santa Claus parade yesterday and boy was it freezing. Thankfully for office buildings and big glass windows.

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