The Great Escape: Data-Free Mobile World

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Believe it or not, today I got my hands on a brand new MOTORAZR2 V9 phone, well like new condition with box.  A co-worker of mine was doing some clean up and found the barely used mobile flip phone and asked me,

What should I do with this Motorola flip phone?

I immediately offered my services and take off the dust collector off her hand.  The opportunistic in me instantly recognized the free item, but the telephony guy in me was feeling nostalgic and was excited to get his hands on a mint conditioned piece of equipment.

For some time now, I have been thinking about going data-free when I am mobile (seems so backwards) since I spend countless hours in front of a computer and within wifi reach of internet.  During my runs, I enjoy being disconnected from the internet and start to appreciate the real world.

With my new found equipment, I am going to try to go data-free when I am mobile for a month.  Don’t get me wrong, I primarily work from home, and when I do go to the office, it is a 5 min walk.  So that may not be difficult, but hard part is when I go beyond my boundaries for more than 5 minutes, will I be free.  One caveat that I will say up front – I will be with a mobile device that has data capability, my iPhone 4 with no SIM card.  So if there are any emergencies, the closest Starbucks is 5 minutes in any direction.

Wish me luck!

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