Rock Journey: My Kidney Stone

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Yesterday, I found out was diagnosed with a kidney stone.  After researching my newly found ailment. it sounds like the end is near.  Or even better, paradise is in clear sight.  But before I get there, the stone must take its journey out of my body.

Rewind a week, I was set out to do my weekly scheduled long run, a 13 mile route on a cold yet clear Saturday morning.  I was pacing and running well despite the weather, up until about the 3 mile mark, approximately 30 minutes in.  I felt a stabbing pain in my back that instantly stopped.  This was a special pain, I have never felt anything that made me stop running.  So I stretched it out, walked a bit, and tried to run again with no success.

Disappointed, I walked to the nearest bus station feeling defeated because I was unable to do my run.  When I arrived home, I did a salt bath, used a foam roller to roll out the back pain and rested.  A couple of days, the pain subsided so I decided to continue working out and running.

On Friday, I was walking heading home after a meeting, this was during one of the worst winter storms Toronto has received in a couple of years.  I got home and felt the stabbing pain again and thought, this winter is killing my back.  I once again did a salt bath and relaxed.

Yesterday morning, I could not get out of my bed, I was in pain.  Now I am thinking, this is not a back issue, there is something internally wrong with me.  With that, I head to the closest walk in clinic, which is typically a 5 minute walk  and I drive there due to the pain.  Quick assessment of the symptoms, the doctor says, it sounds like you have kidney stones, but let’s do a urine test to confirm.  CONFIRMED.

Initial shock, denial, and acceptance, I have arrived here, to document my rock journey.  Being a half-full person, I take this as an opportunity to say – things could be worse.  But it does seem, it will get worse until the rock completes its journey.

Stay tuned.


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